Airlines inaugurates special flights between Buenos Aires and Córdoba

The president of Airlines, Luis Malvido, announced the launch of an “air bridge” between Buenos Aires and Córdoba, which will allow flying at any time of the day between these destinations by paying a special fare.

Malvido detailed that “the airlift allows the passenger to buy a ticket with a fare and get on the first plane that passes”. The executive highlighted the “explosion that Córdoba airport had” and pointed out that the province “has been working very well for a long time, with the work on the runway and the extension of the terminal”.

On the low cost, said that “the competition pushes us to be better every day and that is part of the airlift we are announcing to place us at the height of, for example, New York and other major cities.”

“The Argentine market has been stuck for decades. (…) Our market, with the growth it has had for three or four years, points to a higher growth in which Airlines has to be the protagonist,” he said.

On the other hand, he admitted that “the company is not yet self-sustaining”. “Last year the subsidy was almost US $ 200 million and this year we aim to reduce it, it is a very large number but we are working to make it less and less per passenger and we continue with the objective of continuing to reduce the deficit,” he concluded.

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