Oculus Quest New Update for The VR Headset Makes It Worth

Oculus Quest New Update for The VR Headset Makes It Worth

Oculus could have its Rift S as its premiere VR headset; however, that requires users to be tethered to powerful and immovable PCs. It did launch the Oculus Go and later the Oculus Quest this year; however, while the latter is designed to be independent and capable, it was far much less helpful due to its software. As promised last month, Facebook-owned Oculus is rolling out a brand new firmware that brings a ton of latest features that finally make its premiere standalone VR headset.

Firmware 9.0 brings the Rift S’ Passthrough+ capability, which lets users see the actual world in black and white. The Quest’s original Passthrough was noted not to be stereo correct. Due to enhancements in graphics processing and computation, Passthrough+ offers a new comfortable experience, sufficient to add passthrough-on-demand in the future.

The Oculus Quest can also be getting a new “Lights Out” mode that makes it possible to make use of the headset even in the dark. Earlier than this, due to the 6DoF feature, the Oculus Quest would incessantly notify users if the area is too dark to make use. By “downgrading” to 3DoF mode only, it is going to be possible to watch VR movies even in bed.

Most importantly, the Oculus Quest is now getting more than 50 apps from Oculus Go’s portfolio. This cements the headset’s position as the company’s first standalone headset. Considering how the VR experience is dependent on these apps, the more is, the more enjoyable.

Perhaps an essential aspect of the update is how they will get future updates. Previously, users would have to wait a long time for Oculus to push the update, while the headset in use. Beginning with firmware 9.0 update, users can trigger a “pull” instead and download the update while using the headset.

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