Israeli Start-Up Successfully Cultivated Lab-Grown Meat in The Space

Israeli Start-Up Successfully Cultivated Lab-Grown Meat in The Space

An Israeli start-up company has successfully cultured lab-grown meat in space the first time this has been achieved.

In a proof-of-concept experiment, Aleph Farm, in collaboration with partners 3D Bioprinting Solutions, Meal Source Technologies, and Finless Foods, produced the meat aboard the International Space Space Station, which orbits the Earth at an average altitude around 250 miles.

The latest method, which requires fewer sources than traditional animal farming, might probably be utilized in the future to produce food on long space missions based on the company. Besides, they say that the technique could have essential implications for cultivating lab-grown meat on Earth.

To create the cultivated beef steaks, Aleph Farms devised a technique that mimics the natural process of tissue regeneration inside a cow’s body.

The company harvested cow cells on Earth before launching them to the ISS. Astronauts then created small-scale muscle tissue from the cells utilizing a 3D bioprinter within the microgravity conditions within the Russian space station.

The company says the experiment demonstrates that this cell cultivation process can generate food utilizing minimal resources.

The latest scientific analysis has highlighted how conventional animal farming is a significant driver of climate change, and that cutting down on meat and dairy products is one of the best methods for people to curb their carbon footprint.

Lab-grown meat has been touted as one possible way to assist the environmental influence of the animal farming industry as demand for meat rises around the world. At the moment, no right lab-cultivated meat products are commercially available; however, this situation might change within the next few years as technology develops.

In December 2018, Aleph Farms announced that it had produced the world’s first lab-grown steak with a muscle-like texture, though they admitted at the time that the taste needed work.

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