New Species and Genus of Predatory Dinosaur Discovered

New Species and Genus of Predatory Dinosaur Discovered

Paleontologists say they’ve discovered a new species and genus of predatory dinosaur that might have lived in south-east Asia during the Early 145 million years ago to 100.5 million years ago) known as the Cretaceous period.

The Siamraptor belonged to a group known as the Carcharodontosaurus, a band of substantial carnivorous dinosaurs discovered around a lot of the globe through the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods, existing in different ecosystems throughout multiple continents. Their most significant members rivaled the T-Rex in size. However, proof of their presence in Early Cretaceous Asia is missing a spot the Siamraptor may now fill.

This discovery is especially noteworthy due to where it was discovered.

Roger Benson additionally indicated the influence of the fossil and the location.

While unfinished, the fossils described in the paper represents some of the best proof that enormous predatory dinosaurs existed in the area, Benson informed Newsweek.

The discovery, described in the journal, is based on remains discovered in the Khok Kruat geologic formation in Khorat, in central Thailand. The fossils include fragments of the skull, backbone, hips, and limbs of four individual dinosaurs.

Morphological comparison with recognized species suggests that it’s not only an entirely new species of dinosaur, however a new genus, but the researchers also say.

Meanwhile, phylogenetic analysis reveals the new dinosaur is a basal member of the Carcharodontosaurus, a term which means it split from the group very early, evolutionary-speaking. While close relatives of the newly found species could be found in continents across the world, the discovery suggests that Asia was more important in the early history of the group than previously appreciated, mentioned Barrett. It additionally highlights the diverse nature of the larger predators that inhabited the ecosystems of Asia during the Cretaceous Period.

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