Michael Collins Replied Yes to Life Outside Earth in QnA

Michael Collins Replied Yes to Life Outside Earth in QnA

Michael Collins, a NASA astronaut who traveled the Command Module on Apollo 11 in 1969, has recently confirmed his belief in alien life outside of Earth.

The NASA veteran performed an essential role in the first human-crewed Moon landing beside associates Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. After retirement in 1970, the astronaut has been a supporter of building a human presence on Mars. Now, astronaut Michael Collins has opened up about the question of are we alone within the universe. In an online QnA session on social media, Mr. Collins’ 56,600 social media followers got an opportunity to submit any burning queries they have.

One follower asked the astronaut if he believes in “life outside of Earth.”

In a short reply, Mr. Collins stated: “Yes.”

The reply excited a storm of tweets from followers who’re equally convinced extraterrestrial life has evolved on some alien planet far from Earth.

social media user Gulshan Kumar stated: “Probably, however, no evidence.”

Fernando Leon said: “I believe too; however, there is no proof to support my perception.”

In other cosmic questions concerning his time in space, Mr. Collins was questioned about having bacon in space, his favorite time from Apollo 11, also why he grew a mustache while the Moon landing.

In regards to having the bacon, the astronaut replied that “No. Bacon should not be cubed!”

Before joining NASA, Mr. Collins is a former American test pilot who worked in the United States Air Force.

While working in the US Air Force, Mr. Collins retired with the rank of major general.

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