The Dyson Electric Car Project Going to Stop Its Production

The Dyson Electric Car Project Going to Stop Its Production

The Dyson electric car project is not anymore.

The famed producer of vacuum and home appliances, which made a short-lived foray into the e-vehicle field and developed what Chairman James Dyson is known as an “incredible car,” was unable to make it commercially viable regardless of experience with products for automotive as well as aeronautic markets.

Dyson said in the statement to Members of the development team have been ingenious of their approach while remaining trustworthy to their philosophies. They have been through a critical process to find a buyer for the project, which has, unfortunately, been unsuccessful so far.  Dyson wanted everyone to listen directly from him that the Dyson Board has therefore taken the hard decision to propose the closure of an automotive project.

Dyson stated it plans to “absorb most of the people” concerned with the vehicle initiative into different roles inside the company. The project, which became public in the 2018 year, had been in the works for several years before its formal announcement.

The British company, which received £5 million in funds from the United Kingdom for the electric-car undertaking, stated it is not going to stop work on other initiatives.

“We will even concentrate on the formidable task of manufacturing solid-state batteries and different fundamental technologies which we now have identified: sensing technologies, vision systems, robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence offer us significant opportunities which we should grab with both hands,” Dyson mentioned within the statement. “Our battery will profoundly benefit Dyson and take us in exciting new directions.”

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