Trump Increased Tariffs May Affect Prices for PC Parts

Trump Increased Tariffs May Affect Prices for PC Parts

On Friday, President Donald Trump increased the tariff rate on $200 billion value of Chinese imports from 10 % up to 25 %.

The tariff list covers plenty of computer parts, along with motherboards, graphics cards, CPU coolers, and even desktop cases. TVs, digital cameras, and internet modems have additionally been trapped as well. But, smartphones and fully assembled computers have been spared.

Whether you will see an actual worth hike will depend upon several factors. For one, Trump’s tariffs raised carves out an exemption for cargo ships, which can be already bound for the US. The packaged goods on these ships can be tariffed on the 10 % rate.

Retailers are additionally still going through their existing stock of goods. So it will take some time for the new import duties to ripple through the business’s product supplies.

Still, many electronics are indeed assembled in China. So to avoid tariffs, some giant vendors have been trying to move their product manufacturing to different countries. For example, motherboard, graphics card maker Asus has been shifting its production to Vietnam and Taiwan ever because the initial 10 % tariff rate went into effect back in September. “The effect (of the new tariffs) can be minimal as a result of we adjusted before,” firm executives informed investors earlier this week.

Time will inform if the new tariffs will cause a significant effect. However, of course, it is also possible the White House will strike a deal with the Chinese government to settle the ongoing trade war. “For the past two days, the US and China have held candid and constructive conversations on the status of the trade relationship between each country,” Trump tweeted on Friday. “The relationship between President Xi and myself stays a powerful one.”

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