Fortnite Introduces New Ninja Skin

Fortnite Introduces New Ninja Skin

Fortnite could no longer be the most buzzed-about video game in the world. However, developer Epic Games this week introduced a brand new, rather ingenious technique to help its battle royale hit remain related.

The game company is calling this new idea the Icon Series, a set of virtual costumes that transcend borrowing characters in popular media properties and instead use real-life people.

For the launch of the Icon Series, Epic turned to Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the star streamer who’s been the face of the game and one of many biggest and most noted gaming celebrities in the industry.

The Ninja skin, debuting later in the Fortnite store, is a high-quality digital illustration of Blevins’ imagined avatar, geared up with sleek black-and-blue ninja garb and the streamer’s signature blue hair and yellow headband.

Think of it like The Matrix version of Blevins, however one can play as in an online game if they plunk down the money to adopt his new signature outfit.

And similar to that fictional digital reality, Fortnite’s Icon Series is simply the latest move in Epic’s quest to develop its own immersive digital world, one that inches ever closer to the coveted Metaverse for which gaming and social media giants keep striving.

It’s no wonder the streamer puffed up the declaration for days on end, or that he was so ecstatic to announce it to his fan base stay on Mixer Wednesday morning.

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