Astronauts Experience Quarantine Every Day Out in the Space

Astronauts Experience Quarantine Every Day Out in the Space

For astronauts residing on the International Space Station, their life is a kind of quarantine. They can not go exterior until it is on a deliberate spacewalk in very particular gear; they usually stay in the identical confined house for six months or longer.

Whereas many people are training social distancing, working from house or dwelling in quarantine-like and remoted conditions, life goes on as regular for the space station-dwelling astronauts. They’re conscious of the pandemic and have been sharing their help for individuals throughout the globe by way of their Twitter accounts. NASA astronaut Jessica Meir shared her perspective: “From up right here, it’s straightforward to see that we’re really all on this collectively. #EarthStrong.”

However, the astronauts aren’t simply floating around and taking cool footage of Earth. Every week, thousands of science experiments are in progress on the station. Along with engaging in these experiments, the astronauts examine themselves to raised perceive the human body in space. Residing in space is an adjustment for the human physique because it adapts to the dearth of gravity.

Over time, astronauts have observed adjustments of their imaginative and prescient as a response to the headward fluid shift they expertise. This additionally will increase stress within the head. Last week, NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan, in addition to Russian cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka, examined out the Russian Chibis hardware, often known as the Russian Area Company’s Lower Body Negative Pressure experiment.

It is mainly a pair of pants housed within the Russian Orbital Segment of the space station. The rubber pants use suction to attract fluids again down in the direction of the legs and ft, identical to we expertise strolling on Earth. Researchers hope that hardware to reverse the fluid shift astronauts’ expertise in space might also assist with their vision modifications.

Whereas Morgan was carrying the Chibis pants, Meir used a tonometer to measure his eye pressure, with doctors on Earth watching in actual time. Morgan’s head and chest had been additionally scanned to watch blood circulate.

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